Amazing Katie.

Thirteen years ago, on this day, I was having lunch with my aunt and uncle at Olive Garden in El Paso, Texas.  They were about to head home after spending the weekend in Las Cruces, where I was in my last year of college. I got a phone call from Katie, but I sent it [...]

Put it in Neutral.

I had a breakthrough today. Let me back up a little.  Over the years that I've lived in Phoenix I've been to several different nail salons.  Yes, I'm serious...stick with me.  Anyway, I usually stay with one pretty consistently when I find someone that does a decent job.  And, I like to feel like a [...]

Crashing Someone’s Playa

Oh, hello. (No, that is not an Adele reference.  That's actually how Amber and I greet eachother all the time when we reach out, out of the blue, if it's been too long.) So anyway, hello.  It's me.  The girl who secretly longs to travel, write a blog, laugh, drink wine, enjoy everything around her, [...]