All Night Long

You guys. My prayers have been answered. My dreams have come true. I've finally found a way to tone my body with minimal amounts of effort. I love my pilates class, don't get me wrong, but this is something that I will be able to do even on those mornings when I just can't seem [...]

Dance with me?

Certainly someone I know has heard of The Fitness Marshall?  If you have, how did you not share this amazingness with me?  If you haven't??  Friend, let me give you a little gift.  The gift of Caleb Marshall, aka The Fitness Marshall. I stumbled upon a website last week while working on a project about [...]

Uber moments.

I called uber today because I wanted a ride to the local theater that serves wine. Judge, or do not, I don't care. I worked all day and wanted to see Morris Chestnut prove he was a good man while I sipped on some Pinot Noir. I had a great day, but James (my uber [...]

Crashing Someone’s Playa

Oh, hello. (No, that is not an Adele reference.  That's actually how Amber and I greet eachother all the time when we reach out, out of the blue, if it's been too long.) So anyway, hello.  It's me.  The girl who secretly longs to travel, write a blog, laugh, drink wine, enjoy everything around her, [...]