a Christmas miracle. 

Well, hello.  Happy Sunday evening.  I can say that with a smile, as there are no Sunday blues here tonight.  Well, I did just cry at the end of Sweet Home Alabama, but who doesn’t?  It totally gets me when Melanie tells Andrew she gave her whole heart away a long time ago and never got it back.  And, who doesn’t secretly long to have the opportunity to use her response when Jake asks why she wants to be married to him anyway?!  “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” Ahhhhhhh! Love.

So, before that little emotional check up, I spent the day cleaning and getting myself organized for the next few weeks.  I love days like this when it’s actually fun to really go through stuff and get rid of anything that is totally useless.  I’m a fan of a frequent purge and welcome the moods that allow me to clear out the unnecessary.  Like, why do I think I need every cosmetic sample I’ve ever been given at a department store counter?  I know I have no intention of using them.   Or, why do I feel like I can’t throw away 4 bottles of lotion that still have something in them, but not enough to pump it out.  Im never going to unscrew that top and hurt my little hand by hitting it over and over into my palm for the last few possible full body applications. Never.

Speaking of hands, I noticed today that I can’t even remember my last manicure.  My cuticles looked like shit.  How long have I been in nail depression?!  I got a little panicked for a moment as my mind started to race thinking of possible solutions to this blindsiding problem.  You see, I’m leaving town in the morning and trying to get in anywhere on a gorgeous December Sunday afternoon in Scottsdale is gonna be a feat.

If you don’t know my nail salon troubles, then maybe you should take a minute and catch yourself up.  Here you go…I’ll wait.

Since I wrote that, I have to tell you that Emily #2 left the biz.  I know, can you even believe it????

Ok, so now that we all are up to speed, I called my favorite place that I’ve been subconsciously, or purposefully, avoiding for the past few months.  I miss Emily.  And my nails are suffering.  But it was crunch time and I didn’t have it in me to try and find a new go-to.  Not today.

Luckily, they were able to squeeze me in for a simultaneous mani/pedi right before closing.  Booked.  This might be annoying to some, but I quite like it.  Not only do I feel super important and pampered with two sets of hands just for me, it gets me in and out PRONTO and there is no pressure to make awkward conversation because they usually just talk to each other.  It’s a total win.

I walked in, grabbed the heavier (newer) bottle of Put It In Neutral for my fingers and Guys and Galaxies for my toes.  Obviously.

Someone called my name and I looked up to find Diana.  She wasn’t wearing her name tag, but I had to ask for it after she knew my perfect shape without us having the “not too round, but definitely not square, so just a little like, rounded square, you know…” conversation.  Then, she kind of gave me a hard time about my color choice.  She laughed and told me not to get too crazy with the colorless shade I adore. Deja vu???

At this point, I knew I wanted to see her again.  There would definitely be a second appointment with my sweet, yet sarcastic, Diana.  Hallelujahhhhhhh 🙌🏻

When she said she was new to the salon I felt comfortable opening up and telling her the reason I hadn’t been back in a while.  I told her I really loved my last girl and was afraid to try someone new.  “Were you here when Emily was still around?”

“Oh, Emily???  Yeah, she’s my stepmom.”


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