Dance with me?

Certainly someone I know has heard of The Fitness Marshall?  If you have, how did you not share this amazingness with me?  If you haven’t??  Friend, let me give you a little gift.  The gift of Caleb Marshall, aka The Fitness Marshall.

I stumbled upon a website last week while working on a project about the New Year buzz to get fit, gyms, workout trends, etc.  I found an article mentioning The Fitness Marshall, so I googled.  Couldn’t get a real feel of what this was at first glance – a bootcamp? A class? A personal trainer?

Nope.  Not really any of those.  I saw a few videos and my curiosity led me to his youtube channel.  And, honestly, my new favorite break of the day.  Seriously. Obsesionado.

Before I share one of these videos, let me just tell you what makes this awesome for me…

1.  I need to switch things up.  Add some spice to my life.  Have some fun.  I’m so easily bored with routine workouts, and I’d rather walk the plank lately, then hop on a treadmill.  If I’m in a gym it has to be with a trainer because I hate it and I need someone to tell me what to do.  And I usually complain, which annoys my sweet trainer.  But I also think it’s part of my charm and I’m always forgiven for the attitude, right Jake?

2.  My secret dream in life has always been to be a ridiculously good dancer.  I can see it in my head when I hear music with a beat, but dropping it low has never really been something I’m just gonna do in real life.  It’s fine.  I’ll still take every opportunity to have a good time on the dance floor, but it’s just not the same as what I’m feeling in my soul, y’all.

3.  This guy is adorable and silly and makes me want to do “just one more” (usually I only say that about a glass of wine, so this is huge) video for at least an hour every day for the last three days since I found him. #cardiohiphopheaven

These are not crazy hard dance routines.  At all.  It’s not like that time I tried to learn Single Ladies with my sister, for hours on end, and only nail the hand part.  It’s just a few sequences in repetition while you watch him, for 3-4 minutes (the duration of whatever top pop song he’s chosen) at a time and then on to the next.  You literally just follow along, mirroring him and two of his “backup booty” dancers.  Sometimes there’s a fourth person/guest/backup booty – maybe even me one day if he ever reads this and wants to let me fulfill a little dream and break it down to Britney?  Bruno?  Call me, Caleb.

*Note to self: Get knee pads.


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