Do as I say, not as I do. 

So, I just realized that I am like really good at advice. I guess I’ve always thought so. Not in a bossy, you-have-to-listen-to-me way. Just in a grateful-that-people-call-me way. I love when people ask for my opinion or feel comfortable opening up to me.

I seriously love it.  I welcome it.  It makes me feel needed.  I mean, I made a career out of it.

Also, it’s a two-way street. I seek advice. I don’t usuallly take it, but I like to discuss my issues. For the most part, I’m an open book. I don’t blast my personal life to everyone or on social media, but I do feel free talking about my feelings and calling myself out. Obviously…I have a blog mostly about me and it’s called ErinJallday.

Anyway, I was thinking about a recent conversation (spanning several days) in particular.  I won’t tell the story, it’s not mine to share (names, if any are mentioned, will be changed). I will, however, share SOME of my text responses that I found to be basically PhD level, dating column, dear Abby worthy.

Please, pour a glass of wine (I have) and prepare to be shocked with my insight, guidance and understanding…

“Ughhhhh I don’t know?! I mean, you’re probably over thinking. But I get it. You want to know where everything stands!”


“This is tough.”


“It’s quite stupid.”


“No you are not crazy.”


“At this point if you are feeling this way, you need to just ask straight up.”


“If you get too IDGAF with her she might get standoff-ish and that gets everyone no where.”

(side-note, I have used IDGAF in my last two blogs and that’s three times total in my life. I don’t know where that’s coming from)


“Am I making sense? I have a head cold and have had wine. I am also single and you should not want advice from me 😬”


“Just be straight. No pressure. No attitude.”


About the risk of being disappointed…

“This might sound crazy but don’t even think about that as a possibility. Just think it’s gonna be cool and try, and if it doesn’t work out the way you want it to, take it as a sign that you dodged a bullet.”


“It’s ok to want something. You just have to be clear about it and move on if you aren’t getting it.”


“WOW. I should take my own advice. 💡🤔”


“Hahahaha because it’s FUCKING ANNOYING”

(the selfishness of people, not my advice obvi)


“That’s what I’m here for.”


“If it makes you feel better…”  (It always reassures someone when you can relate by sharing something personal and self deprecating so that they know you aren’t just pretending to be all-knowing)


“See what happens over the next few days and don’t stress it”


“Not that I know much, but something I’ve learned over the years is I set myself up for disappointment with other people. I give people credit before they deserve it. It’s really F’d up. And it took me a little heartbreak or two over the years to figure that out”

…blah blah blah…

“My point is, be honest with what you want before you get upset.  Not that I’m a therapist. Like I said before, I’m single so take my advice if you dare.  But those are major regrets I have and it makes sense to me now.”


“People are so rude and inconsiderate these days. They don’t know how to date respectfully.”


“Snikki and I were talking about that earlier. If someone isn’t gonna make time for us, then we want to know early on. And, it’s really about them…What they have to give and what they are willing to give (emotionally duhhhh) at the time. People show you who they are, you just can’t wear your own blinders.”


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