All Night Long

You guys. My prayers have been answered. My dreams have come true. I've finally found a way to tone my body with minimal amounts of effort. I love my pilates class, don't get me wrong, but this is something that I will be able to do even on those mornings when I just can't seem [...]

holy heart strings.

I feel like I could say so much more about this video but I just want to share it right now. I watched it at the end of a SuperSoul Sunday episode about the need for connection in this world. And, wow. It's a beautiful video but seriously, you guys, WOW. Alllll the feels. I'm [...]

Beware of BS.

So, I'm going to keep a very long story short tonight. That's hard for me, so let's see how this goes... For the past few weeks I've been dealing with an internet scammer. It's funny, because you don't really ever think you'd get caught up in something like that, but it really does escalate quickly. [...]

tuning in.

Wanna hear something random? I'm sitting here on my couch, glass of rosé in hand, on the 2nd award show Sunday of the year. Normal. But, instead of the SAG Awards, I'm watching Planet Earth on Netflix. NOT NORMAL. Why is this random you ask? Well, lucky for you, pink wine makes me chatty so [...]