tuning in.

Wanna hear something random?

I’m sitting here on my couch, glass of rosé in hand, on the 2nd award show Sunday of the year. Normal. But, instead of the SAG Awards, I’m watching Planet Earth on Netflix. NOT NORMAL.

Why is this random you ask? Well, lucky for you, pink wine makes me chatty so I’m gonna tell ya…

Thursday morning I was going through emails, having coffee and watching The Today Show. Wow, I just realized I sound like a very thirsty multi-tasker. Or a dehydrated couch potato…but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, while I was working on emails a new cable bill popped up and reminded me that I’d been meaning to call them. For some odd reason, my cable bill has consistently gone up for the past few months and I couldn’t figure out why???

I called and actually got a really sweet representative who l enjoyed making small talk with while she pulled up my account. I won’t bore you with details of our AZ weather conversation or my bill. I will tell you I told her the only time I really watch TV are in the mornings for my “news” and late in the evening for mindless entertainment. I then realized that I do love me some Beverly Hills Housewives, but I’ve seen enough dinner party screaming matches for several lifetimes. I come back to watch Erika Jayne’s IDGAF attitude. Love her.

To be honest, the only thing that excites me about TV is the fact the Will & Grace is back. (BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!) It’s like they never left, but all of a sudden are even funnier. That, and awards show season. I love award shows. The red carpet fashion. The awkward conversations between celebs and E! correspondents. The candid mishaps. The fact that Amber and I used to plan our Sundays around the time it all started, wear sweatpants, our best heels and create a menu for the event. Normal.

So, she couldn’t give me an explanation as to why my bill was steadily on the rise and suggested I drop my DVR and landline (yeah I pay for a landline but I don’t have one obviously…it was part of the “bundle” deal which turns out to be bullshit) since I don’t use them. That would save me like 20 bucks. That’s stupid. And before I knew it, I told her just to cancel it all. All except internet of course. I’m not a total savage.

Yep. Just do it. I don’t need it. The news annoys me and I stay up too late just because the TV is on. She didn’t argue and passed me on to the cancellation crew who also made nice conversation while carrying out my wishes to disconnect.

I hung up the phone feeling super liberated for making that decision on a whim, and I’m not even kidding you I looked up and Hoda’s fresh new co-host face disappeared. I sat there in silence with a blank TV staring back at me, and thought about what I’d done. SHIT. It’s Thursday. Will & Grace comes on on Thursdays. Wayyyyyyy to go tough girl.

It didn’t hit me until later that I would completely miss awards show season 2018. To be dramatic I’m avoiding social media tonight because I don’t like being the last to know who wore what. I’d rather never know and from now on I don’t care.

It’s been four days, and I will say I miss my morning ritual. I liked that coffee/news/email  time and I was really growing to love Carson Daly. But, now I like telling people I did it to become “more present” and seeing their reactions. I’m always hoping to be more present and I think that’s a positive takeaway from this, for sure. It’s just funny to say it to someone while you’re trying to side-eye read the texts coming through on your phone.






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