Thanks, Mom.

Oh how I love the questions, comments and requests I get from my mother when she "finds the time" to peruse Facebook... "I NEVER get on Facebook, but I just saw..."  <--insert any activity here and then one of the following usually comes next... "Where were you?" "Please take it down." "Do you always have [...]

Muscle Glasses

"Dude, you look lean today."  The first thing Jake said to me as I was walking towards him this morning.   "Excuse me, what?"  I couldn't even decide how to respond because my caffeine hadn't kicked in and that was the absolute last thing I expected to hear.   He's not really a bullshitter, so [...]

Happy. Saturday.

I love Arizona. It's February 7th and 79 degrees outside. I just spent this gorgeous Saturday morning hiking one of the many trails around here with a dear friend, and it happens to be her birthday. I love our hikes. I love to be outside soaking up this beautiful weather, burning some cals and having [...]

When it rains, it pours. That’s funny because I have a leak in my roof.

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with emotion that you just have no idea which one you feel? That's me, right now. I can honestly say that a lot of the time I really think I just feel numb because I don't know what's what. Sometimes I have to ask myself, shouldn't I feel sad [...]