All in a day’s work.

I decided this week that I need a legit home office space. I don’t have an extra room for one and I definitely didn’t want a desk in the bedroom, but I’m over having the computer at the dining table. It’s not right and I’m trying to separate and get into a true work from home routine. After some serious walking in circles, I decided on a wall in the main room that I had been struggling with. It’s a very wide wall space and it’s in between the entryway, dining and living areas, so I have been super confused on how to utilize it.

I remembered a photo I found on Pinterest that would be perfect! I pulled up my “Home” board to take a closer look. It was a gallery wall above a desk and it was exactly the inspiration I had been looking for. I have a ton of framed pictures I’ve been wanting to use and if I did this it would work fantastically! I officially had a vision and I couldn’t let it go.

It took me two days, four home store visits and a few hours online to decide on the center of it all. Nikki and I ventured to IKEA to find my white desk. I get a little nervous in that place with the crowds and no easy exits, but we went early so it was pretty empty. We were pressed for time, but honestly kind of bummed we had to rush out. Found the desk, a rolling rack I wanted, a handful of frames and we were out the door. Look at us, in and out, loading boxes and feeling so accomplished?!

Another reason I fear IKEA is because I shouldn’t be trusted to assemble furniture. I mean, my “toolbox” is a Nordstrom shopping bag. True story. I couldn’t wait though. I’m way too impatient when I want something done so I ripped the boxes open, grabbed the beat up silver bag, found my hammer and screwdriver and got to business.

Two hours later (and not even to the halfway point) I was kind of stumped. It didn’t make sense though. I went over everything so many times! I followed the instructions so closely and I had all of my screws and other thingys separated and counted out in a very orderly fashion. There was no way I could mess this up.

Conveniently, a visitor stopped by to check on my work…and just in time. It appeared to him that I had one of the central pieces screwed in completely backwards. Yeah right. There was absolutely NO WAY it was wrong. He checked again, and he was right. In 15 minutes, he took apart and reassembled what took me just over 2 hours to build.

Can I just say something? Nothing makes a girl feel more like a woman than a hot manly man that saves the day, kisses her on the cheek and tells her she’s the cutest thing in the world as he walks out the door to let her attempt to finish it on her own because she really wanted to do it. Nothing.


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