Happy. Saturday.

I love Arizona. It’s February 7th and 79 degrees outside. I just spent this gorgeous Saturday morning hiking one of the many trails around here with a dear friend, and it happens to be her birthday. I love our hikes. I love to be outside soaking up this beautiful weather, burning some cals and having the best conversation.

I have mentioned before (and I’m sure I will again, because I tend to do that) how important my relationships are to me. I have so many different and incredible people in my life and I love that. I love how they are all pieces to my own little puzzle. Makes me think of that saying about how people in your life are there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I love learning from them and hopefully I bring some amount of joy to their lives too.

Michele and I always talk non stop on our hikes, but today we stopped at the top of our climb and sat for quite a while. To be surrounded by the most beautiful clear blue sky, with views of the entire valley was exactly what I needed. The sunshine was just warm enough so we were in no rush to leave. It’s so freaking awesome to be outdoors like that and I forget to do it more often. This is why I live here!

One thing I love about Michele is that she is so intuitive. She really knows when I’m too inside my own head and makes me get myself back in check. She’s pretty damn honest, and sometimes it’s not what I want to hear, but she always knows if there’s something going on within me. We have the best talks and laughs and I love hearing her views on life and spirituality. Talks like this make me so happy! We have to remind ourselves not to get to caught up in negative thoughts and energy and to keep it real and positive. She looked at me and said “all we have to do is to listen to what’s in here” and put her hand over her heart. We always know what’s right if we really allow ourselves to pay attention.

It was a little bit like yoga for the soul today. Bad energy out, good energy in. The climb down was even better. We joked about how things really aren’t that bad if you think about it. She said, “C’mon, we’re two hot girls living out our dreams in this beautiful city…you drive a BMW and my car is clean.”

We stopped for a Zen Smoothie (so appropriate) at our neighborhood fave. Life’s pretty good, so why waste it with worry and fear???

Thank you, Michele, for being such a lovely gift to me, on YOUR birthday. xoxo


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