Amazing Katie.

Thirteen years ago, on this day, I was having lunch with my aunt and uncle at Olive Garden in El Paso, Texas.  They were about to head home after spending the weekend in Las Cruces, where I was in my last year of college. I got a phone call from Katie, but I sent it [...]

Put it in Neutral.

I had a breakthrough today. Let me back up a little.  Over the years that I've lived in Phoenix I've been to several different nail salons.  Yes, I'm serious...stick with me.  Anyway, I usually stay with one pretty consistently when I find someone that does a decent job.  And, I like to feel like a [...]

Little life lessons.

Ran to pick up some lunch today and got a little life lesson on what to do when you're in a fender bender.  While sitting at a red light, I got totally smacked by the car behind me.  Car has very minor damage, but oooooooh am I still hot over it. Once I realized what [...]


Just saw the Amy Winehouse documentary and I honestly feel so drained.  It wasn't a sob fest, but I think I'm exhausted from paying such close attention.  It was like I was in a trance.  I have always been obsessed with her music, those vocals, the presence that she had. I can't remember the first [...]