Who’s walking on who?

Hi. Hello. Heyyyyyy.  Here I am again, popping up randomly, just when you’ve almost forgotten me. (Weird…that sounds like most of the guys I’ve dated over the years. Like, what is up with the resurfacing? Who do we think we are???)

Shit. That’s a totally different vibe and completely off subject. I had a point. What was it??

Oh yeah, I was going to tell you about this super annoying experience I had on Friday when I had to drive to Prescott, Arizona to pick up a rug that I wanted for a client’s office that I’m restyling. Why the F would I go to Prescott for a rug, you ask? Fair question. I actually asked myself the same thing about 45 times two days ago.

Like most of the women that I know and associate with, when we get our minds on something we won’t stop until we’ve got what we want.  I found a rug that I needed and I was going to go the 79 mile distance to get it.

So, I’m working on turning an overcrowded conference room into more of a “sitting” room that’s comfortable but still says “We’re here for business…and probably a cocktail.”  Picture a chic, 4-chair, modern, cigar bar type situation. That’s the plan and I have a visual that must be carried out.

I saw an area rug at a store called At Home. Do you know of this place? It’s not fancy. It’s not expensive. It’s not even inviting. It’s a giant warehouse of anything you could possibly find a purpose for but that you really don’t need.  I do love it.  Well, I did.

We have 4 of them in the Valley, each about 30 minutes away from the next.  I frequent the one in Paradise Valley but ventured out to the Mesa and Tempe locations last week in search of style b454, size 8×10. No one had it. They both had 5×7’s but that wasn’t going to work. I called the Peoria store, because God knows I’m not driving over there. They also had nothing. That left me to my only other Arizona option…Prescott. (Pronounced Prescuit, like biscuit. I don’t get it.)

Guess what?! They had one. The display for that style was the only one left and they said they’d hold it for me. I took another day to shop around in case I found something else, but I couldn’t get this b454 out of my head. Nothing else made sense. I woke up Friday morning and called them once more to confirm it was there and would be there when I made the trip. “Are you sure it’s an 8×10?”

I was assured.

I stopped at the PV location (I take things wayyyyyy too serious but so what, that’s my business) on my way out to make sure the chair cushion really worked with this unicorn rug I’d built up in my head. It worked. I was on the road.

The drive isn’t bad to Prescuits and gravy, but once you get close to city limits it’s soooooooo slow and traffic is beyond annoying.  I made it to the store and found myself on another journey of finding an associate that was actually willing to help me.  Customer service isn’t really a priority at this establishment. And I’m not being an ass with that comment. The scenario here is literally YOU DO YOU. Get your own. Find it yourself. If it’s not there, sorry.

Long story longer…He moved a rug that covered half of mine with the “hold” sign on it, only to reveal that the b454 I was eagerly awaiting was clearly NOT an 8×10.  I addressed the issue, “That’s not an 8×10.” He searched the store. I kept my cool because it wasn’t his fault (and I swear I did tell him I realized that). I called three times to confirm, but it wasn’t necessarily his fault. To make me feel better, or to make himself feel less afraid, he told me that the same thing happened to him the other day.  He had gone to a doctor’s appointment a few days prior and wasn’t able to get in because he’d gotten the date confused and would have to come back.

I know he was waiting for me to sympathize and agree that we both had to deal with a little unfortunate miscommunication this week. But I couldn’t force an “awwww, that sucks.” I shot him a blank stare and clarified, “That’s actually not the same, at all.”

I thanked him for his help and left. I convinced myself everything was fine and a better rug was out there waiting for me somewhere else. Thirty minutes into my drive home I received a call.  “Hi Erin, we are so sorry for the confusion but we have the rug you want here at the store.”

Seriously?! I don’t have time for this. Now the rug wants to resurface??

I wanted to be the tough girl and just keep going after everything this damn rug had already put me through. I really did want to say, “No thanks, I’m good” and just keep driving because IDGAF.

But I do GAF. My heart was set on that rug so I gave in and went back. They gave me 10% off and then awkwardly helped me fold it up and find a way to fit the oversized floor covering into the backseat of my car.  All of this, just for a rug that has already made me a little crazy and was ultimately going to end up taking residence on someone else’s floor.

I thought about that on the way home.  And yes, I had one of my little “aha” moment’s. I 100% believe that life gives you hints and nudges in the most random ways and I LOVE IT.

After being all over the place for this thing, I really couldn’t wait to deliver it because it’s going to look perfect, and I’m thrilled to have found it for my clients. That’s the best feeling. But it was also gonna feel really good to place it just where it belongs, walk right over it and out the door. I may wear heels that day.



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