Call ’em what you want.

While doing a little laundry this evening, I noticed something.  As I was sifting through and hanging my clothing to dry,  I spotted a trend.  An activewear trend.   By the looks of my corde à linge (that’s clothesline in french…I like it), I either work at Lululemon (I do not) or I am like, so super fit (that’s probably false).

It caught my attention and got me thinking.  I walked over to my full length mirror and turned around to do a little butt check for confirmation.  Ok, not bad.  Super fit was a generous assumption, but I didn’t mind what I saw.  You have to like your own ass if you want someone else to, right?!

But still, something wasn’t adding up.  I didn’t even realize I owned this amount of workout/yoga whatever-you-call-them pants.  Hmmmm…hanging in front of me were 7 pairs of yoga pants, one pair of don’t-ever-leave-the-house-in-these leggings, and a pair of don’t-ever-UNDER-ANY-CIRCUMSTANCE-leave-the-house-in-these, much less do yoga in them, yoga shorts.

I’ve only been to the gym twice in the past week.  Maybe even the past ten days.  Ok, two weeks…but in my defense I was out of town a few days.

No need to do the math.

Le sigh.

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