Just saw the Amy Winehouse documentary and I honestly feel so drained.  It wasn’t a sob fest, but I think I’m exhausted from paying such close attention.  It was like I was in a trance.  I have always been obsessed with her music, those vocals, the presence that she had.

I can’t remember the first time I heard her, but I remember having to talk to my dad about it immediately.  He and I always connect on music (unless I’m in hip hop mood) and he was just as blown away as I was.  How did that powerful voice come out of that tiny little body?  I was always so intrigued by her music, and still am.  It’s amazing when something comes along and really just soothes the soul.  I LOVE live music and will always wish that I could have seen her live, and at her best.

I was surprised by how much footage there was in the film.  It was so raw and even funny at times, but sooooooo heartbreaking.  We all know how her story ends, but it was still so surreal to see.  Even though I don’t recall finding her, I remember exactly where I was when I saw the news of her passing.  Amber, Ashley and I were having breakfast at the St. Regis in Vancouver and saw it up on the morning news.  Isn’t it crazy how some memories are so freaking clear??  Especially random ones.  Like, when you can remember minor details like what was on your plate and how you felt and the faces of everyone, even strangers, that were there.  But then I hardly remember my high school graduation.  Bizarre.

I won’t attempt a real review, not really my thing, but felt like sharing that I think it’s worth seeing even if you aren’t a huge fan.  And, I also want to share one part that I keep thinking about.  In an interview she was talking about Blake teaching her that if you want something you have to really throw yourself into that situation.  And if you don’t, you’ll always wonder what could have been and life is too short for that.  I felt like that was her message to me, as a little reminder.  A nudge, if you will.  😉


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