Uber moments.

I called uber today because I wanted a ride to the local theater that serves wine. Judge, or do not, I don’t care. I worked all day and wanted to see Morris Chestnut prove he was a good man while I sipped on some Pinot Noir.

I had a great day, but James (my uber driver) made it even better.

His laugh makes me smile and I want to share it with you. This short video doesn’t do his sweet personality justice, but it gives you a little bit of what a genuine soul can provide.

I also want to point out that he said I looked 22.  💁🏼

When I told him my real age he gasped and said I must have very good genes. (Thanks TJ and V…I owe it to you)

Maybe he wanted a 5 star rating, but who cares…I’ll entertain it.  Then he said, “Seriously, when you’re 60 you’re gonna be dating 20 year olds.”

Compliment???  Maybe. But I thought for a moment…

“James, if I’m still dating when I’m 60 I’m gonna have to kill someone.”

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