Crashing Someone’s Playa

Oh, hello.

(No, that is not an Adele reference.  That’s actually how Amber and I greet eachother all the time when we reach out, out of the blue, if it’s been too long.)

So anyway, hello.  It’s me.  The girl who secretly longs to travel, write a blog, laugh, drink wine, enjoy everything around her, tell tales of hilarity that she constantly encounters and also make fun of it all.  Alright, maybe thats not a secret.  Maybe that’s what everyone wants.  I’m just saying it.

I’m currently on a very turbulent flight to Houston, to connect to another (hopefully less bumpy) flight to Cancun.  Or, “the ‘Cun” as my travel buddy Stephanie has been calling our destination all morning.  Technically, I believe we are going to Playa Del Carmen, but I’m sure it’s all relevant.

I’ve been thinking about a new blog lately and how to get back on my game and what I wanted to talk about.  All of a sudden I had to grab my phone to distract myself from my uncomfortable fear of shitty flights.  OMG, thankfully we’re landing.  Hold please.

Second flight.  I sat next to a quiet young man that I almost wanted to warn because we are most likely going to annoy him.  Holding Steph’s seat and I get a text from her that Cole Swindell is on our plane.

Side note  – He and like 6 other country babes are the reason we are en route to Mexico.  My sister and Ashley (who we are meeting there) went to some “Crash My Playa” thing last year and talked us into joining them for the 2016 edition.  Sam Hunt will be there?  Ok, fine.  Arm twisted.

Minutes in and Steph and I are dying laughing.  We can’t wait to tell the girls we hung out and took tequila shots with Cole the whole way.  Then, our flight attendant, who deserves a whole separate blog because she’s the cutest thing ever, has us totally cracking up.  Our neighbor joined in on our good time and we became fast friends.  Come to find out he works with Cole.  How embarrassing.  I hope he doesn’t think we are country crooner stalking after our excitement and whispers regarding Mr. Swindell.  Whatev.  We’re here for the, um, beer.  And Sam, of course.  Oh, and Luke.  And Chris.  And Dierks.  And Dustin, Craig, and Brett.


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