Get real.

I woke up this morning to a post my sister made on Facebook, about a post my nephew made on instagram (which was soooooo touching), in honor of Jose Fernandez. I will admit, I didn’t know who he was.  But I will also admit that I was in full blown tears before I even got out of bed.

For so many reasons.

Today, I watched videos of Jose and his family.  I watched his manager stop a press conference because he could no longer speak.  I watched his team come together and wear his name and become so emotional during their game.

I’m still in tears.

I also just watched a ridiculous debate for our next presidential election and all I can relate to is the realness of emotion I felt from this commrodery shown from everyone who knew and followed Jose.

Real feelings.

Real respect.

Real love.

My heart breaks for his family.  Beyond words.

And it breaks for our country, that all our politicians have to talk about are emails and tax returns and picking each other apart.

Can we re-evaluate what it is to be a TEAM???  I’m so in awe of the Marlins today.

Life is too short.  Way too short.

Stand together.  We are one, and it shouldn’t be this hard to be on the same team.

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