Bring it on.

I’ve had a vision board for about six years now. I haven’t had it out lately and I’ve been meaning to do a little update. I really believe in the law of attraction and feel like it’s so good to have it up. Keeping that constant reminder of the notes and images that keep me motivated is SO powerful. I struggle with reminding myself to focus on what I want and stay positive rather than getting lost in anxiety and fear of what I don’t want. It’s a constant battle.

Thursday night I had a little impromptu vision board party with Ashley and Nikki and so glad I did. They did theirs for the first time and I just added to and revamped mine. Who doesn’t love crafts and inspiration?!

For the past few days I’ve really enjoyed the feeling it gives me to see those things that I choose to strive for. I put it up in my bathroom and am loving having it there while I’m getting ready. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities that lie ahead of me when I look at this collage of mine. I’ve had several experiences over the years that I kind of had to take a step back and wonder how the hell did that just happen?! Pictures and words that I’ve put on this board, some even seeming a little far fetched, have totally presented themselves in my life. It’s kind of amazing actually.

What’s even more interesting is how I’ve really been thinking about when we say “be careful what you wish for.” I don’t think it’s bad, but I do think it’s true. Over the years I’ve been faced with different opportunities and situations that ended up not being what I thought I wanted or I ended up handling them completely different than how I ever imagined I would. From “dream jobs” to relationships, to think you want something so bad and then to turn it down or walk away from it is the craziest feeling in the world. No reason to stop wanting and hoping. I guess it’s just learning to stay open, follow your heart and trust your intuition. Maybe I don’t know what’s right for me until I know that it’s not? Maybe that Cartier bracelet won’t look good on my wrist after all? Yeah right. That one’s a sure thing.


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