I picked up a few new scrunchies today.  If you know me, you know I love my scrunchies.  I stand by them and always have.  Sure, I get made fun of and questioned sometimes, but it doesn’t bother me.  No, im not “stuck in the 80’s.” I’m just saying they are a part of my life.  I don’t keep them around for fashion purposes or to make a statement, and I don’t usually rock them in public as a planned outfit accessory.  Although, I am not above running a few errands in one if my bun looks perfectly messy.  Nothing wrong with a little peek of my sexy spandex hair bff every now and then.  

Mainly, I just sleep in them.  I actually can’t sleep without them.  I just can’t stand my hair touching my face at night.  And to share a little secret, these little things have really upped my hair game.  I’m not kidding.  I HATE spending too much time on my hair.  I despise blow drying it.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again (big f-ING hint coming up here), but the best gift anyone could ever give me is a lifetime supply of blowouts from Dry Bar.  It is my dream to have my hair blown out at least once a week and never have to do it myself again.  Makes me think of my grandma going to the salon to have her hair “set.”  Adorable.

Ok- back to the point.  Whether I’m washing my own hair or have had a good day and treated myself to a blowout, I think scrunchies have everything to do with how I’ve been wearing it lately.  They save me time and I feel I owe them for how healthy my hair has become from using styling tools less often.  

The how-to.  It’s almost rocket science so pay attention.  Wrap that mop up in a bun and secure it with whichever color or pattern you’re in the mood for that evening.  The next morning, let it out, maybe do a little shakey shakey at the base and run your fingers through.  After about half an hour, the kinks at the top should have fallen, but you should still have volume.  Sometimes I have to run a flat iron or vamp up a few waves, but not too much.  And ladies…That. Is. It.

The key here, and most important part of my pretend beauty column post – the type of scrunchie.  Let me save you loads of time…

American Apparel.  Spandex, not cotton.  $6.00.  Boom.  

Oh, and if you get two, the third one is half price. You’re welcome. 


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