Packing Perfection.

Holy moly, what a whirlwind the past 6 weeks have been. I can’t even explain how tired, yet relaxed and oddly content I am right now. Just me, my couch, a glass of wine and some good ol’ NBC sitcoms. By the way, why I have I never watched Parks and Recreation before? I feel like I’ve really been missing out all this time?!

Anyway, I have been home for a week now and today I’ve finally unpacked. It’s been a little crazy with the holidays, and attempting to get back into a routine while NYE was on a Wednesday obviously didn’t make sense. Also, I HATE unpacking, so the fact that I put it off for so long isn’t shocking. It’s such a drag.

I noticed something as I was sorting through the massive pile of clothes I had on my bed. I freaking nailed my wardrobe on this trip and I had no proof! Yeah, I got a few pictures here and there, but I should have really made more of an effort to document my outfits. Yes, I just said that and I totally meant it. As I’m pulling each piece of clothing I’m taken back to exactly what I did when I wore it and how everyday/night I felt so prepared for the occasion. Maybe no one else would care, and I probably sound silly to some, but this is what I do. This makes me happy.

As much as I hate unpacking, packing is something that I really get involved in. I stress over it, I plan, I strategize and I start way before I need to. But dammit if a perfectly coordinated suitcase doesn’t rock my world. It’s just as important as the trip itself and I still get chills thinking about some of my favorite trips that were outfitted to, dare I say it, perfection.

I feel a project coming on. If it weren’t so dark in this house and I had the energy to get up and repack I would, just to share what I think the essentials for my recent travels were. I should really get paid for this shit. Oh wait…I do. Call me.

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