Hello, December.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving week! It’s definitely my favorite holiday. I look forward all year to sitting around the girl table and laughing with all the ladies in my family. They all live in my hometown, so for me, getting to come home and have them all in one place to catch up is great. It’s the best.

After a very long week of food, family and fun I had the worst case of Sunday blues yesterday! Never fails. I always get them, even if I’m not particularly sad. I usually try to distract myself and keep busy on a Sunday and I love to do Sunday dinners with friends or fam as often as we can. They also always seem to be worse after I’ve been super busy or had a fun trip. We call those blues after a fun weekend or time away the PVB’s (post vacation blues) and I’m sure everyone can relate to that.

So, last night while perusing through Pinterest I came across this little pic…


How is it already December?! As tired, and homesick for my own bed as I was (I freaking love my bed and I’m away from it for 5 weeks – btw), I immediately got excited about this month. Not only have I had such a nice week already with my family and visiting some friends I hadn’t seen in ages, I’m about to spend three weeks in Europe! I’ve never been and am so pumped for the upcoming adventure.

I can’t imagine the stories I’m going to have and will absolutely be documenting it all. I mean it’s kind of unreal to me right now. Paris with BFF Cass and the best group of 8 others for 6 days. Then venturing with a friend from that crew to Germany to meet up with BFF Erin, who currently lives there. The three of us will do Amsterdam and then the other Erin and I will hit Barcelona.

That’s about as much as we have on the agenda, which to me is beautiful! We have a plan for our destinations of choice but no set daily itinerary. I’m not super touristy so I love to play it by ear and go with the flow. For me, I prefer to do whatever we feel like, whenever we feel like it and just enjoy our surroundings. This is gonna be so good!

Now, to prepare for that flight…

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