Channeling Babe Walker.

Well, I’m a few hours in on my flight from Chicago to Paris. Not by way of the original plan, but en route nonetheless.

I have to add that my initial flight was supposed to be out of Houston to Newark, to meet up with Cass and Micah (her hubs and also my Chicago “dad”). He takes care of shit. I loved it when I lived there. So, I also have to add that Micah so very graciously upgraded all of our seats. Are you kidding me? Flying to Paris, first class, with my bestie for her birthday?! Champs for days y’all!

Cut back to this afternoon and my text message from United letting me know my flight to Newark was delayed. No biggie…until it delayed again. And then again. I wasn’t going to make my connecting flight to Paris.

Not only did my eyes immediately fill with tears and my body with rage, my stomach completely dropped. I couldn’t even finish my green Jamba Juice, which was really, really good. I’ve never been to another continent before and I hate thinking about being on an 8 hour flight to a foreign country suddenly by myself. Immediate thoughts – What am I supposed to do when I get there? How will I find my way around? And more importantly, do I still get to keep my first class seat?!? Jk- I’m not a total snob. But fear consumed me for a moment and of course that crossed my mind. If I’m gonna be alone I should at least be comfortable.

I had two options and neither one of them was going to get me to Newark on time, so I picked one and went straight to the bar.

Oh, and this is slightly embarrassing, but totally worth mentioning. While having my minor meltdown with the woman at the ticket counter about missing my friends and having to fly to Paris alone and there not being room on my new flight in first class, I realized I was holding this…


I couldn’t even be upset anymore because that moment was too damn funny. Reality check. Don’t get me wrong, I was pissed at the situation, but I had to laugh. I realized there was nothing I could do and that I should at least hide the book.

Seriously though, this book is so f-ING hilarious and completely ridiculous, but in a way it makes so much sense. Makes you realize how silly stuff can be and how easy it is to be dramatic. With that said, I still love a little bit of delusion in life just to keep it fun. So, the obvious takeaway here…Use something other than my boarding pass as a bookmark to avoid another scenario like that. Geeez.

Now that I’m a few plastic cups of wine in, I can accept the situation. I got this. I’m a grown ass woman and I love a little adventure. I can handle customs and a few Parisians. So here I am, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, in my Economy PLUS seat, (they also moved me to a row where I’m not sitting next to anyone – super spacious) drinking my $15.99 half bottle of Pinot Noir and I’m pretty content. Even after I found out we didn’t have wifi and the movies were having technical difficulties. Guess I’m about to get back into my book until I slip into a little wine slumber.

And so my European experience begins. Next stop, Paris.

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