The Ultimate Shade.

Currently having a stare down with these little beauties. I mean, come on…they’re gorgeous. I actually just asked myself if I’ve ever loved anything more. Okay, I know that’s a little dramatic, but I do feel like they kind of love me back.


I’m typically not big on tons of accessories. Jewelry, for example, has never been my thing. I love it and I wish I had more fun stuff to throw into rotation, but I just don’t buy it. I’m the girl that wears the same necklace and two tiny rings almost every single day. I don’t even take the necklace off to shower because I will definitely forget to put it back on. I lost one of my diamond earrings last year and haven’t had anything in these lonely lobes since. Hmmmm…Santa?!

Sunglasses though? The only accessory I never forget to leave the house with. For one, I feel completely naked without them. Right up there with not having my phone with me. Two, they are almost as preventative as Botox. It’s sunny most of the time here and I can’t afford to squint anymore than I have to. Three, everyone looks like a badass in sunglasses. Even if they aren’t super stylish, they create a little bit of mystery. Who doesn’t love to feel mysterious??

But seriously, these Céline sunnies will be perfection in Paris. Tres chic.



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