It all makes sense. Somehow.

Im not going to mention it’s been 7 months since my last blog post.  Except, I just did.  Oh well, guess I kind of felt I had to address it because all of a sudden it felt random.  I’ve had so many things I wanted to write about, talk about, ponder and figure out.  I just couldn’t make myself do it.  I’ve watched the last 6 months fly by and I miss this and making time for it.   The thing is, I never really had to make time for it before…I just let it happen.  It’s kind of how I feel abut everything in my life .  I never want anything to feel forced.  So, if a break is needed, it should be taken.   And that’s where I’m at.

Ok, now I’m moving on.

Today I had the ultimate lazy Sunday.  I’ve spent the past week with family, half  in NM and a few days with my parents here. I haven’t been feeling well lately so today I desperately wanted rest.  I usually feel a lot of guilt when I take a day to lounge, but not today.  I really needed it.  Physically and mentally.

I really enjoyed this quick visit with my sister and her family, as well as time with my mom and dad.  It was the reboot I think I needed, and didn’t even know it.  The best part – I booked my ticket to go home the day before.  I love doing things that way.  It’s like, when you feel it, you feel it.  When you know, you just know.

This morning I was scrolling through TV options and nothing caught my attention.   I wanted a movie.  I ended up on Netflix and decided on Serendipity.  I’ve seen it a million times (love John Cusack in anything) but couldn’t pass it up for some reason.  There were so many new options (OITNB), especially for a day I’d planned on a good binge, but it was settled.  Call it fate.

The next movie I found myself drawn to was Rumor Has It, with Jen Aniston, Mark Ruffalo and Kevin Costner.  Oh, and SHIRLEY MACLAINE.  She. Is. Everything.   Her attitude and one liners in almost any movie are my life goals.

Why is this blog worthy, you ask?  I’ll tell you why.  There were messages today.  Messages I needed.  Even if they came from Rom Com’s and couch potato syndrome.  I am a believer in funny reminders and you know I love the universe and her sick humor.

Below are notes I actually took…

Serendipity.  (it really happens, if you pay attention)

The Universe – always working for you.  Again, pay attention

Fate.  Let it be.  It’s happening anyway.

Be present. Enjoy what’s happening NOW.

Don’t dwell about future or past.  We have no control over those things.

Intuition.  It’s so fucking real.

Keep searching.  You wouldn’t feel the desire if there wasn’t a reason.

Don’t settle, when you know something is off.

Do what feels right.  Live in the moment.

If something’s calling you, answer it.

Don’t be sorry for your feelings, if it’s your truth.


Yes, I actually took notes, in my “notes” app on my phone.  To remind me to pay attention.  And live in the moment.  And follow my heart/gut/instinct/feelings.  I needed to hear it.  And, maybe you do too…


“life should be a little nuts, otherwise it’s just a bunch of Thursday’s strung together.” – Beau Burroughs

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