Had a chat with some girlfriends yesterday about “must have” items.  What we love right now, what we need and what we can’t seem to live without.  The list could go on and on, but what a fun thing to break down and share on a weekly basis.  So, in honor of Monday, and in an effort to make it a little fun, I’m gonna start #mymondaymusts.  I’m not sure that the hashtag is necessary, but I love ’em, so…doing it. 

I think I’ll start with a few of my must have closet staples right now.  The top things that I feel are an absolute must in my closet.  The go-to items that I know I love and no matter what I always feel comfortable in.  Le essentials, if you will.  As much as I love clothing and fashion, I truly love a good basic.  I love new things and I’ll entertain a little trend every now and then, but I know what works for me and I’m happy to say I could easily wear the same thing everyday.   And, if it isn’t black skinnies and a black top, it would probably include the following…

1. White tees and tanks.  Man or woman.  I’m pretty sure a perfect fitting white tee is my everything.  The girls and I talked about them yesterday, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been on a quest for the perfect white t-shirt.  It will never end.  And when you find one you like, buy multiple.  That’s a major must.  Rotation is key, because we need to keep those whites bright, babes!  And nothing is more upsetting than spilling red wine on your best white tee and then not being able to replace it. The worst.   

Faves right now- Free People tank, Madewell v-neck, Joie scoop/off shoulder.

2.  Denim denim denim.  A good mix of jeans in several different washes and fits is totally mandatory.  But right now I’m obsessed with my super distressed slim boyfriend Joe’s jeans and my grey Frame skinny jeans.  Obsessed.  I hate shorts, but I live in Phoenix, so it’s gonna happen.  I have one pair, Paige.  Enough said.

3. Nude shoes.  Another thing I’m always in search of…the perfect nude shoe.  Scoop NYC has the best leather flip flop.  Love them from the Gap too.  And, um, Stuart Weitzman patent cork wedges, I love you most.

4. Aviators. Classic and effortlessly cool.  

5. Summer hats.  Great for Sunday Funday or just because you feel like it.  Or if you’re on day 4 of not washed hair and you still can’t bring yourself to shampoo.  BP (the junior dept) in Nordstrom always has super cute hats and great prices if you don’t want to spend too much. 

6. Summer scarf.  When it’s stupid hot outside everyone pumps up the AC.  Be prepared for restaurants and movie theaters!!  And obviously never travel without one.

I don’t really know where you can’t go in these options?!  To me, it’s the perfect summer wardrobe.  Simple. Chic.


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