“No fun, cooking for one.” Someone said that to me once, and it’s true. As a single gal, I find no interest in spending too much time in the kitchen. It’s not as fun when you’re not cooking for, or with, someone else.

It’s also wasteful. For me anyway. Trying to plan meals for days gives me anxiety because I don’t know how I’m going to feel or what I’m going to want later. So, when I do think I’ll be good and shop for the week it’s just stupid. I end up throwing so much away because I get tired of it, or I end up going out. This is why I hate the grocery store. It overwhelms me, so I only go when I have to and I take one bag just for the essentials. Coconut Creme Coffeemate foreverrrrrrrrrrr.

BUT, every once in a while, I do find myself needing some kitchen therapy. So, this morning I woke up early and decided to make quiche. Amber has a recipe for what I wanted and I can never find it, so I had to wing it until I heard back from her. To be clear, it’s nothing gourmet. It’s actually quite simple and you can do lots of tweaking to your taste and make them healthy. Okay, so they are really just egg muffins but I still call them quiche, because it’s fancy. Obvi.

And now I have 30 of them.

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