You know you’ve got a lot on your mind when you feel like the only person you can talk to is Chuck Norris.  While, I don’t see myself ordering a total gym anytime soon, I do appreciate his motivating attitude and finger pointing directly towards me at 4am. Help.

Oh, hi!  Remember me?   It’s only been six weeks since my last blog post, and no, I didn’t go into severe depression over a few silly grey hairs.  It was only mild and I’ve accepted it and moved on to bigger and more “adult” issues.

I don’t know how time passes so quickly though?!  Seriously, 6 weeks…just like that.  I think about my blog, and I think about sharing, but when it has come down to it, I’ve really just felt so uninspired.  Probably due to the fact that my mind is constantly in 25 different places.  I can’t focus as of late, and I’m working hard at finding balance in the midst of the beautiful chaos I live in.  Also, Mercury has been in retrograde, and I’m blaming almost everything on that.

I’m not totally into astrology or planetary anything, and have never been one to anticipate or worry about something like that, but I definitely know when things feel off and different.  Or just weird.  I don’t really believe in coincidence, so it’s kind of interesting to be aware of things going on and to wonder what it all means?

You know, when you’re complaining to yourself, or your best friend, that you haven’t had a text from anyone other than her all day…and then all of a sudden you get three, within seconds, from 3 different guys you haven’t talked to in months?

Or, all of a sudden you’re late to the gym three  non-consecutive days in a row and your trainer is mad but it’s not your fault because, out of the blue, traffic is stupid.  I swear, I left at the same time I always do.  Traffic literally has been insane in between the two miles I have to drive to get there. Ridiculous.

Orrrrrrrr,  you’re oddly emotional and cranky and can’t decide why, so you email your doctor and tell him you hate everyone and feel like a raging lunatic that can’t stop crying while watching the Voice?  Anyone else?

All I know is, it’s much better to be aware of this stuff and find the humor in it because it’s actually really funny.   And the good news is, Mercury Retrograde ends today.  Assuming my DVD/Netflix machine that went on strike two weeks ago will be back to normal tomorrow, right?

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