#mymondaymusts – volume 2

A few weeks ago (ok, maybe a little longer) I wrote a blog called #mymondaymusts with the intention of it being at least a bi-weekly thing.  My friend Val was the inspiration and I feel I’ve failed her a little.  We had such a fun conversation about must have’s, must do’s, must see’s, anything that is a must at the time and should be shared.  I’ve honestly been a bit distracted, but I’m gonna get back on track.  It’s a new year for me (I just turned 34) and I’m feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Time to focus and work on some commitment and consistency!  

Today, My Monday Must is travel.  (Um, not even kidding, as I typed that an Expedia commercial came on and said the word travel at least 3 times….I got chills…if you’ve read my earlier blogs you know that’s a sign :))

I just returned from a semi-last minute trip to Nashville and it was so awesome.  I found out a few weeks ago that a concert I really wanted to see was going to be there.  I thought it was a shot in the dark I would be able to go, but then I thought, why wouldn’t I?  It was my birthday, my dream of the moment concert, a place I’d never been, and I had a friend with a fab condo available for my use.  No brainer.  

These are times when you kind of have to slap yourself for questioning and just do it.  And for me, I love a last minute trip.  When I have too much time to think about something I think too much.  I like to just go.  Go with my gut, go with the flow and GO.  Always the best.  And I rarely regret anything that I actually do.  I would have kicked myself for passing it up, and I knew it.  So I went.  

I booked my flight before I had anyone that was able to join me.  For a moment, I thought I was going alone because it was such short notice and I was actually fine with that.  Fortunately, my dear friend Kayla from Dallas met me there and I couldn’t have had a better time.  We ate, we drank, we laughed a TON, we danced and we listened to amazing music.  I got to meet two of my old clients for the first time in person…um, adore them.  My birthday dinner was perfect.  Saw some beautiful country.  And everyone was so unbelievably nice.  Pretty sure we were hash tagging #movingtonashville to Kayla’s husband by Friday.  

Ok, two regrets…not taking enough photos and not seeing Dolly.  She played our last night at the Ryman, and that’s something I’m sure I missed out on.   

My point is, if you have the opportunity, take it.  See the world.  Explore our country.  Share your plastic carafe of wine with strangers on the lawn at an Eric Church concert even though you never exchange names.  And yes, they sold wine by the carafe in lawn seating.   #movingtonashville 

This is what life is for!  And, this is what Rapid Rewards are for.  Free flights!!  Use ’em. 


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