Picky and choosy.

I just returned two tops to Nordstrom Rack for the sheer reason that I probably won’t ever wear them.  Admitting that to myself and making the trip back there to get my two hundred dollars back made me feel so good financially responsible.  Yes, Nordstrom Rack is a discount store.  And, YES, I spent two hundred dollars on just two shirts.  Don’t judge.  If you think about how much I actually saved you’d see how it seems like a steal!  But, no.  As much as I tried to tell myself they would be staples in my wardrobe because of the brand and simplicity, I know very well they would go to the dark corner of my closet with all the other sale items that really serve me no purpose.  

What I have noticed over time though, is most of the unworn stuff taking up space in my limited closet real estate was actually purchased “on sale.”  The items I thought were such great buys, were actually a total waste of my money.  They hang there, sad and lonely, and they annoy me.  I wouldn’t really call myself a bargain shopper, because I don’t actively seek out a deal, but I am victim to the trickery.  Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you’re saving.  But, just because something is a certain brand or more expensive doesn’t mean it will be great either.  It’s case by case.  I’ve had more wear out of some of my H&M or Forever 21 shirts than I did out of some fancy sale rack shirts at Neimans.  

The problem is I have way more clothing in my closet with a price tag on it than I should.  Sometimes I look inside and wonder what kind of emotional void I was trying to fill when I purchased certain items.  Sometimes I can’t even remember the actual moment of purchase, as if I blacked out and threw my credit card at the cashier and said just ring it all up, I don’t care what else you throw in!!  I know I have a little bit of an instant gratification issue, and shopping is my vice, but I’m learning to acknowledge that and trying very hard to keep it under control.
I also had this conversation with a few friends last week.  The lure of a “good deal” can actually cost us more money in the long run.  It’s bullshit!  Where is the value?   I’m not saying I don’t love finding something awesome and saving money at the same time, because I definitely do!  But it’s hard.  Especially if you’re picky…and I am fine and happy to admit that I am.  I am all about fit and the quality of a garment.  Whether it’s that perfect white tee, or ass that won’t quit jeans, you get what you pay for people.
We have to know what works for us, and our lifestyles.  I like what I like, and I tend to have expensive taste.  Sue me.  But, as I (rolling my eyes and taking a deep breath here) continue to grow up and live in the real world, I have to be smart and make good decisions.  So clearly, the key here is to buy at full price and remember quality trumps quantity.  

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