Sleep, sip, dance. Repeat.

Oh my goodness, I think I feel normal today. Yesterday was brutal, but I may have gotten caught up on my sleep!

After feeling like I was recovered from jet lag, I totally pulled an all nighter on Monday night. We met up with some of my AZ friends, Noelle and Damian, that happened to be in Paris too. After a lengthy late night dinner, we decided it was a brilliant idea to all come back to my room for a “packing party” aka let’s just keep drinking champagne and blasting old school hip hop til you have to catch your train super early. I can’t turn that down on my last night in Paris, especially when Cass starts saying YOLO. I had a pretty sweet suite at the W Paris, so it was the perfect late night dance party spot…


We drank, we packed, we danced and we slept on the train. Made it to Frankfurt, rented a car and then took turns sleeping and driving to Munich which was just a few hours away.

I decided to lay down right when we got to the hotel, at around 5pm, for a nap and woke up at 10. I couldn’t believe I slept for 17 hours! I hopped up, jumped in the shower and got completely ready to take off for another day of exploring. Went to get dressed and opened the curtains to let some light in, but there was no light. Um, so confused.

You guys, it was 10pm. I had only taken a five hour nap. I seriously thought it was the next morning and I’d actually overslept! It made no sense to me and I still couldn’t wrap my head around what had just happened. Total delirious blonde moment. Ughhhh. I hate wasting makeup, so we walked down the street for a little late dinner, a German beer (obvi) and called it a night. For real this time.

So now, I’m feeling great and enjoying a long leisurely breakfast at the hotel by myself. I usually never eat alone, but I’m actually really enjoying it today. Probably because I’m on my phone and totally distracted, but whatever.

Looking forward to driving to Hofheim today to see the other Erin. I think it’s been almost 4 years since I’ve seen my little doll and I’m thrilled!!

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